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Why You Should Look Into Flood Insurance

Whether you think flood insurance is relevant to you or not, you should look into flood insurance today. If you do not get flood insurance on time, flooding could ruin your home. 

At in Bellaire, TX, you can request several quotes for flood insurance or our agents can walk you through how you should be covered by flood insurance.

Find out below when to get flood insurance, when you are safe and especially, when you are not.

Urgent Flood Insurance

If you currently own a home and you live inside a high-risk zone for flooding, you should look into flood insurance right away. You might find that home insurance does not always cover flooding damage, so just having home insurance is not enough to cover you for a nasty flooding surprise.

Looking to buy a home soon? In many cases, if the house is located in a risk area for floods, you will not be considered for mortgages if you do not consider flood insurance as well. 

Other Reasons to Consider Flood Insurance

You might be unsure whether your home is located in a high-risk area or not and you do not know much about the weather conditions in the area you live in – or just moved to. That is okay, looking into flood insurance is always beneficial, even if it is just to gain a piece of mind. 

To have our agents go through our flood insurance quotes with you, call in Bellaire TX. today on (713) 877-1800 or use the toll-free line on (800) 456-4550. The website also offers the option to request a quote.

Types of Home Insurance

Whether you own or rent a home, you should be interested in getting your home insured. You can do this for many reasons, such as protecting your home from burglaries or natural disasters such as floods or fires. in Bellaire, TX has agents on hand to help you figure out your home insurance. They will provide you with quotes from different providers to choose from, and they will walk you through each of them. 

We include some information on different types of home insurance below. 

Homeowners insurance

Homeowners will find that homeowner insurance is relevant to them. Home insurance covers your valuable items, but usually also includes liability insurance. So, if someone gets hurt in your home or garden, you will be covered for that as well. 

Renters insurance

If you rent from a landlord, you might not be considering home insurance at all. However, you should.

While homeowners usually also have insurance on their property, renters should not be mistaken when it comes to insurance for the home they live in. As a renter, you still need insurance to ensure your items are insured if something happens to them.

You will also find in case of a disaster like someone breaking in, a fire in your home, or water damage, that your landlord’s insurance does not always cover this if you own renters’ insurance yourself. This will cover these situations from large damage to small repairs. 

If you want to go over your home insurance with one of our agents, call in Bellaire TX today on (713) 877-1800 or use our toll-free line on (800) 456-4550. You can also request a quote via the website today. 


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